Ideal Centrifugal Monobloc pump Casing & Impeller well designed for high discharge and high head to meet the energy efficient Levels to consumption of low Electricity.The motor Portion constructed with low wattloss Electric stampings to withstand wide voltage fluctuations .The class of insulation available in class “A”&”B” for various field conditions .The motor portion construction available with IP 44 & 54 (Dust & moisture proof and totally enclosed for cooled).Motor shaft with Rotor dynamically Balanced in same vibration free Running. All Single Phase monobloc’s protected by Thermal Overload Protecter to avoid winding burn out.The motor winding with graded enameled copper wire to withstand the temperature rise.
Power Rating 0.37-1.5 KW single Phase (0.5-2.0 HP), 0.75-7.5 KW-Three 7Phase (1.0-10 HP)
Type • Single Phase 240r/50HZ/2880rpm S1/ASR with Thermal Overload Protector/class ‘B’ insulation.
• Three Phase 415v/50HZ/2880rpm/1440 rpm S1/Star & Polta/class A insulation.
Degree of Protection IP 44/IP54
Maximum flow rate 24 m3/hr(6.6 l/sec)Single Phase
240m3/hr(66l/sec)Three Phase
Maximum operating Pressure 3.5kg/cm2(35 mtrs total head)Single Phase
55kg/cm2(55 mtrs total head)Three Phase
Sealing Mechanical seal/oil seal with Asbestos Rope
Maximum suction Lift 7 mtrs
Maximum Liquid Temp 35°C
Maximum Ambient Temp 43°C
Minimal Pumpsizes(inch) 1*1;11/4*1;11/2*11/2;2*1/2;2*2;21/2*2;3*21/2;4*3;4*4;5*5;6*6
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotor & Impellers
  • No corrosive Pump shaft
  • LTB-Pump Brushes
  • Low watt loss Electrical Stamping
  • Noiseless & Low maintenance Pumpsets
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Suitable for wide voltage ranges
Material of Construction
Part Name Material
Pump Casing CI/FG 200
Motor frame CI/FG 200
Impeller CI/FG-SS/20Z
Shaft SS/410
Sealing Mechanical seal with carbon.oil seal with Asbestos rope
Bearing 1Z&2Z, Roller Ball Bearings
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