Ideal openwell submersible (Horizontal) monoblocs are designed water filled, water cooled & lubricated pumpset for continuous running and long life.Pump volute casing & Impellers’s users,designed for high head & flaw in smooth flow without overloading the motor.The Electrical Stampings are low & watt loss grade for lower power consumption and with stand wide voltage ranges.Housing Brushes are made by head Tin Bronze grade motor shaft non corrosive stainless steel.Rotor with copper strip Brazzed for Higher Tourane & low voltage Running. Single phase & Three Phase/240v/415v/50 HZ.2880 rpm.
Power Rating 0.37-1.5 KW Single Phase (0.5-2.0 HP), 0.75-7.5 KW Three Phase (1.0-10 HP)
Type Single Phase 240/50 HZ/2880 rpm, Three Phase 415v/50HZ/2880 rpm S1/WET/’B’class Insulation
Correction CSR Single Phase
Maximum flow 25m3/hr (35 I/sec)
Maximum operating Pressure 4.0 Kg/cm2(55 mtrs)
Nominal pump size Delivery in (inches) 1”,11/2”,2”,3” & 4”
  • Water cooled,water filleed,water lubricants
  • Dynamically Balanced copper Rotors
  • Polywrap winding wires for water cooled motor
  • Low Power consumption
  • Noiseless/Vibration freepump sets
  • Non corrosive shaft
  • Water lubricated Housing Brushes
Material of Construction
Part Name Material
Pump parts CI/FG 200
Motor parts CI/FG 200
Shaft SS/410 non corrosive
Brushes LTB 4
Thrust Bearing Carbon ring & pad
Winding wire Polywrap
Impeller SS/CI FG200
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