Ideal 80 mm (3”) Borewell submersible pumpsets are built with impellers & diffusers made of thermo plastics and other vital components like check valve housing and suction inter connector are made of graded cast iron, outer shell made of high quality stainless steel. The optimal design of impellers and diffusers offers best possible hydraulic efficiency. These pumps are powered by a water filled, rewindable submersible motor suitable for continuous duty. The stator is wound with special water proof synthetic film insulated copper winding wires and made up of low watt loss steel laminations assembled under pressure and rigidity locked in stainless steel stator shell. Specially designed high performance thrust bearings (SS with Carbon) are used to withstand axial and down thrust loads with minimum wear and tear. Dynamically balanced rotor gives vibration free and noise free operation, thereby increases efficiency and life cycle of the motor. These motors must be filled with clear, cold, fresh water before erection.
Power Range 0.37 kW – 1.1 kW (0.5HP-1.5 HP)
Speed 2880 RPM
Version Single phase 200-240V,50 Hz, A.C. Supply
Maximum total head 93 metre ( 9.3 bar )
Maximum flow rate 5400 LPH (5.4 M3 / Hr)
Maximum Outter diameter in mm 73, 75& 77
Nominal outlet size in inches 1 & 1 ¼
Degree of Protection IP 58
Direction of Rotation Clockwise viewed from driving end
Thrust Load 1500 Ibs
Minimum cooling flow along the motor 0.15 m/sec
Type of Duty S1 (continuous)
Method of starting Capacitor Sart and Capacitor Run (CSCR)
Maximum starts per hour 12 times
Mounting Standard As per NEMA
  • Fitted with imported motor protector
  • Silver brazed rotor
  • Designed for wide voltage fluctuations
  • Water –cooled rewindable motor
  • Low maintenance cost
Material of Construction of Pump
Part Name Material
Check Valve housing CI
Check Valve Seat Nitrile Butyle Rubber
Diffuser Chamber SS 304 (Shell)
Impeller Modified PPO (Noryl)
Diffuser Modified PPO (Noryl)
Suction Inter Connector CI
Inlet Screen SS 304
Pump Shaft SS 410
Cable Guard SS 304
Coupling SS 410
Material of Construction of Motor
Part Name Material
Upper and Lower Housing Cast Iron and Mild Steel
Stator Shell Stainless Steel 304
Shaft Stainless Steel 410
Journal Bushes Leaded Bronze
Thrust Assembly Stainless Steel 420 and Graphite Carbon
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