Ideal (4) 100 mm submersible pump & motor out shells are made up of non corrosive stainless steel shells motor portion in built with 100 watt loss Electrical stamping sheets with copper motor.Dynamically Balanced rotor shafts for vibration & noise free running.Wound stator inbuilt with water cooled polywrap winding wires are rewindable.High pressure stator welded with SS shell body.Motor Portion seating with oil seal O ring cableof grommets to ensure stand particle entering into the stator also prevent leakage of inner coolers.Media of Water Diaphragm is equalizing the Pressure and volume variation of water inside the motor.Motor should be filled pure drinking water as per the details mentioned in our operators manual.The motor available in both single phase & Three phase(240/415V).Specially designed water lubricated thrust Bearing & Housing Journal Brushes used to withstand the awial thrust load at various voltage & speed condition.
Ratings 0.75-3.7 KW (1.0 HP-5 HP) Three Phase, 0.37-2.2 KW (0.5-3 HB ) Single Phase
Type Water filled,water cooled & water lubricated
Duty Continuous Rating S1
Connection Capacitor start & capacitor Run Single Phase 248V/50 HZ Star/Three Phase 415V/50 HZ
Degree of protection IP 58
Maximum Operating Pressure 40 kg/cm2(400 mtrs)
Maximum flow rate 22800 LPH(22.8 m3/hr)
Maximum operating Dia 97 mm
Thrust Load 1500/bs
Direction of rotation Clockwise
Max-starts/hr 12 times
Indian standards IS:8034 & IS:9283
International standards NEMH
  • Copper rotors with Brazing
  • Non corrosive motor & pump shafts levers & complings
  • Water lubricated thrust Bearings
  • Water lubricated LTB Housing Brushes
  • Water cooled ppolywrap winding wires
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotor Shaft
  • High resisting PPO/proxy impeller & Diffusors
  • Designed for wide voltage fluctuations
  • Easily Remindable & repaired
  • Energy efficient motors covering star ratings
Material of Construction of Motor Portion
Thrust Bearing Teflon pad with Bearing
Thrust Bearing Housing CI FG 200
Lower & upper Housing CI FG 200
Housing Brushes Lead Tin Bronze
Stator Low watt loss Electrical Stamping
Rotor With copper
Motor shaft SS 410
Motor shell(outer Body) SS 304
Compling SS 304
Cable 3 core flat cable
Material of Construction of Pump
Inlet Screen SS 304
Inlet piece CI FG200
Impellers PPO(proxy)
Diffusors PPO(proxy)
Shaft SS 410
Delivery Port CI FG200
Outer shell SS 304
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