Ideal(6) 150 mm Borewell Pump casing & diffusers are made up of well designed white Profiles with Castimp & ppo/glass filled fibres for free of flow and high head & high discharge.Pump shaft,sleeve & complings are made in stainless steel 304 grade of non corrosive materials.Impellers are well designed for high discharge in Bronze material.Water inlet,outlet and stage casings,adapter & Delivery outlets(BJL) are made up of quality casings with FG200 grade.All Pumps shaft bends are rendred in special purpose machine to ensure vibration free/await ply.Each and every stages are assembled within the tolerance.

Motor portion constructed with high pressed stator made up of low watt loss material stamping sheet with TIG welding and order shalls partial/fully horered with stainless steel 304 grade non corrosive materials.Every spigot seatings machined in thro mandles to ensure face out & ran outs.

Housings , thurst Bearing base & oil seal Housing are made in graded last Iron of FG200 grade.Housing Journal Brushes are water imbricated head fin bronze materials.Thrust Bearing with segment & Ball type ensure wide thrust heads.winding made by water cooled poly wrap wires.Pumps are made in Radial flow and (Auial & Radial)mixed flow types for various head range and discharge.
Motor Rating 0.75KW-2.2KW single Phase (1.0 HP-3.0 HP) 1.5 KW-15 KW Three Phase (2.0-20 HP)
Typing Water filled,water cooled & water lubricated.
PumpType Radial flow Mixed flow
Maximum operating Pressure Radial flow, Mixed flow
Maximum flow rate Radial flow, Mixed flow
Maximum outer Dia 140 mm
Thrust Load 1500/bs upto 4.5 KW, 6000/bs upto 15 KW
Direction of Rotation Clockwise
Correction Single Phase,Capacitor star & Capacitor Rmm Three phase:star,star & Delta
Timing 12 times
Root starts/hr
Standards IS:8034 & IS:9283
  • Copper Roter with Brazing
  • Low watt loss Electrical Stamping
  • Procorrosive / ss / ports
  • Lead Tin Bronze Housing Journal Brades
  • Water cooled winding wires
  • Water cooled & lubricated Housing & Thrust Bearings
  • Easily Rewindable & Assembled
  • Energy efficient motors
  • Withstand wide voltage range
  • Bronze Impellers
  • Stage using with Gride Brushes LTB/Nitryl Rubber
Material of Construction of Motor Portion
Thrust Bearing SS with carbon, Telflon with LTB
Thrust Bearing Base FG200/CI
Lower,Copper & oil seal Housing FG 200/CI
Stator & Rotor Low watt loss Electrical staping
Motor stat & Compling SS/410
Pump shaft & levers SS/410
Motor outer Shell SS/304
Cable 3 Core flat
Winding wire Poly wrap
Material of Construction of Pump
Stage casing CI/FG 200
Impellers Bronze
Shaft & levers SS/304
Gride Brades LTB/Nitryl Rubber
Inlet & Outlet Bodies FG/200 CI
Inlet Series SS 304
Drain / Waterinlet phgs Brass
Cable guards SS
damping of patt SS / Tata steel
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